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Delivery & Shipment


1. Local Delivery Charge (Belgium)

Free delivery is available for:

  • Orders of 100€ and more.
  • Orders with a free shipping coupon.

Orders under 100€ are charged as followed within Belgium:

Order Shipping Cost
0 - 99 € 7.5 €

2. International Delivery Charge

Free delivery is available for:

  • Orders of 100€ and more for zone 1
  • Orders of 200€ and more for zone 2,3,4.
  • Orders of 250€ and more for Greece.
  • Orders of 350€ and more for Cyprus and Malta.
  • Orders with free shipping coupons.

EU Zones Zone 1* Zone 2* Zone 3* Zone 4* Zone5*
Shipping Cost 10 € 15 € 20 € 25 € 39 €

* All prices are excluding VAT.

  • Zone 1: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France
  • Zone 2: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • Zone 3: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Estonia
  • Zone 4: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece
  • Zone 5: Cyprus, Malta

If your country is not listed above then please redirect to There we have shipments available to more than 190 countries all around the world.

If you are from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, or Norway please also redirect to

Please note that since 1st November 2022 Livolo Europe uses different warehouses in Europe to improve the processing of orders to all European countries.

Your order will be processed from the most appropriate warehouse automatically based on the country you are placing the order from and the stock availability.

Our current warehouses are located in the following countries: Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain

*** Please note that temporarily we are only delivering to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovenia, Italy.


Remote area condition: Unfortunately due to large surcharges by the delivery companies, some remote areas like islands do incur delivery charges. We try to charge open and fair rates that reflect the actual costs incurred. We do not profit from delivery charges. In fact, we partially subsidise it for our customers who live in remote areas.
After placing your order you will be contacted by our team providing you with a payment link to pay the shipping surcharge in order to process your order.
You may of course request cancellation and get a full refund.

3. How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

We understand that getting your order quickly is important to you, so we make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible. Estimated delivery times vary due to carrier shipping practices, delivery location, and the items you order. When we use independent carriers to deliver orders, we base the estimated delivery times on information provided to us by the independent carriers. Products may be delivered in separate shipments.

The estimated processing and delivery time is as follows for different shipping zones:

Zone Processing Time Delivery Time Total
Zone 1 1 - 2 Business Day 1 - 2 Business Day 2 - 4 Business Day
Zone 2 1 - 2 Business Day 2 - 3 Business Day 3 - 5 Business Day
Zone 3 1 - 2 Business Day 3 - 4 Business Day 4 - 6 Business Day
Zone 4,5 1 - 2 Business Day 3 - 4 Business Day 4 - 6 Business Day

When trying to estimate when a package will be delivered, you should consider the following:

  • Additional time may be required for customs processing of International shipments.
  • Ground delivery only occurs during business hours, Monday - Friday  (excluding bank holidays).
If you have concerns about your order, please contact Customer Service at "[email protected]".

4. How will I know whether my order has been shipped?

Whenever we are done processing your order, we'll send you an email confirmation with the tracking information so that you can trace your package online via our shipping partner's websites.

5. What does it mean when I'm told my order is pending, processing, shipped, canceled, etc?

  • Pending means, we have received your order and it's waiting for confirmation.
  • Processing means, we've confirmed your order and are in the process.
  • Awaiting Payment means, we have processed your order and waiting to receive payment from you (e.g. in the case of a bank transfer).
  • Expired means, your order has not been submitted due to a payment error or payment cancellation by you.
  • Failed means, your order has not been submitted and failed.
  • Shipped means, we've handed your parcel to our shipping carrier.
  • Canceled means the order was canceled by either the customer or by us. A Customer Service Representative will be contacting you with more details.

6. Returning an item?

Follow our returns procedure if you would like to return a faulty, damaged, duplicate, incorrect or unwanted item. Please see our “Returns Policy”.